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Inspired by a professional visit to France in 2019, during which they met Dr Pierre De Haas, founder of the Maison de Santé Pluriprofessionnelle, Dr Julie St-Pierre and Maude Sirois started to dream. Proximity care, guided by the principles of care accessibility and collaboration, based on a shared community health project.

It is in spring 2021 that this vision will become reality with the opening of the very first Maison de Santé Prévention in Montreal. An accessible and inexpensive administrative structure which allows professionals from various specialties to come together and offer local care oriented towards the acquisition of healthy lifestyle habits for the whole family.

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The Approach 180

The Maison de Santé Prévention is an Approach 180 certified resource.

Approach 180 is used in the prevention and management of obesity in children as well as adults and marks the values ​​of other services offered at the MSP, aiming at global health for all.

Approach 180 is a family, educational, interdisciplinary approach, based on prevention and motivational education

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The Maison de Santé Prévention is an Approach 180 certified resource.

This approach is supported and deployed by the Réseau d'action en santé cardiovasculaire, a non-profit organization whose mission is to fught the high prevalence of obesity and its cardiovascular complications among children and their families by developing concrete solutions to this problem.

The RASC supports the family services of the Approach 180 program, as well as certain activities that complement care.

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