Health and Wellness coaching

  1. 45 mins

  2. $150 (taxes included)

  3. Video conferencing option available

  • Are you struggling to find a healthy balance of taking care of yourself while also taking care of other areas of your life?

  • Do you feel lost with all the information about diet, fitness, and lifestyle habits...and you don't know which ones would work for you?

  • Do you wake up exhausted and have difficulty concentrating during the day?

  • Does your weight not change, despite all the efforts you make?

  • Do you eat healthy all day, but find yourself overeating in the evenings or on weekends?

This service can help you!

Our health & wellness coach helps optimize lifestyle habits, create a resilient mindset and have confidence in their body and their life.

She helps her clients by using a systemic approach for lasting transformation, enable them to create change and maintain it. 

She co-helps her clients creating an optimal health plan allowing them to understand how to eat and move their body so they can feel confident in their body, wake up energized in the morning, and build their confidence to experience more joy in their lives.

Here are reasons why it would be time for you to consult a naturopath and a health & life coach now:

You are ready to get a personalized wellness plan that fits your lifestyle and your goals

You don't want to follow a diet and you want to understand better, eat better and listen to your body better

You are ready to reach & maintain a healthy weight where you can feel confident in your body & energized in your day

You are ready to create a healthy relationship with yourself, your body and your food choices.

You are ready to become a normal eater and end your battle with overeating & stress eating

You are ready to optimize your habits so that you can heal your gut issues naturally