Multidisciplinary approach to global and preventive health

What is an MSP

A Maison de Santé Prévention(MSP) is a group of multidisciplinary health professionals working under the same roof and offering services and care oriented towards health and prevention.

Through their range of services, professionals associated with a MSP engage in a common community health project.

In Montreal, our project? The promotion of healthy lifestyle habits for the whole family and intergenerationally.


  • An environment promoting a continuum of care with several professionals under the same roof;
  • A structure that enables multidisciplinary concerted action to provide the most suitable care for each patient;
  • An environment offering more freedom to professionals to expand their range of services according to the needs and requests of their patients;
  • An organization offering all family members the opportunity to receive services and care oriented towards health and the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits.