Dr. Julie St-Pierre, Pediatrician

  • Approach 180
  • General pediatrics
  • Children and adolescents
  • Family hypercholesterolemia


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Doctor Julie St-Pierre is a researcher, author and pediatrician. She is internationally recognized for her specialization in obesity among young people. She is the founder of Approche 180, a multidisciplinary approach to global health focused on creating a favorable environment for children and adolescents, along with their families.

​In 2019, she received the Canadian Merit Award for her achievements in prevention among young people in Quebec from the Canadian Pediatric Society.

​She is an associate professor of pediatrics at McGill University and a distinguished professor at the University of Brest (France) in clinical prevention.

In 2021, she wrote her first book for the general public, Redonner la santé à toute la famille, with Gallimard (Editorial).